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Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to accept donations of medical supplies, or to provide travellers with medical aid donation packages.


Please learn more about the current situation on our dedicated COVID-19 page, and contact us at with any questions.

The below information applies to our operations during the regular course of business - not during the present pandemic.


We are an international non-profit organisation based in Australia, connecting medical aid with destinations in need through your free luggage space.


To share health, share humanity, and reduce waste, by giving every traveller the opportunity to deliver tailored medical aid right to where it is needed.


Zero cost, zero waste, big impact.

What we do

Like many non-profits, we hope to work ourselves out of a job! In our vision of the future, air travel will be sustainable, and people all over the world will have access to the healthcare they need.


Until then, we want to help you offset the carbon footprint of your air travel, and to help you share health and humanity.


How? By redirecting surplus medical supplies headed for landfill to people in need.


Our medical supplies are carefully selected to create a tailored medical aid package. This aid package travels with you to your destination. There, it is delivered to the receiving healthcare facility, where it helps to save lives.


Zero cost. Zero waste. Big impact.


That's how we help each other help those in need!

What's unique

Medical aid is often transported in large shipping containers, hired for the express purpose of transporting aid, and delivered by coal-powered ships.


This aid is not tailored to the needs of receiving healthcare facilities, which often leads to more waste, or 'dead aid'.


This aid is also primarily provided to large, coastal hospitals within proximity of shipping ports.

Us? We utilise the excess baggage space, otherwise wasted, of those already travelling abroad (a carbon and humanitarian offset). We tailor aid packages to the specific and current needs of each receiving healthcare facility. We provide aid packages directly, and without any middlemen, for free, to healthcare facilities of all sizes, located in urban, rural, and inaccessible areas.

See the difference? So do we.


We are a non-profit organisation. In order to operate, we rely on donations, grants, awards, and volunteers. The generosity of our supporters permits us to provide our services free of charge.

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